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girls who like being choked during sex are neato

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all i want is pizza and a relationship is that too much to ask for

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it’s weird how people talk bad about strippers but no one says anything about the people who go to see them

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Sat, Jan 8, 7:07 pm
I want to kiss you so badly but if your tongue is as sharp as your words I know I’ll lose a lot of blood and we both know I can’t afford to lose anything else right now

Mon, March 11, 12:16 am
I’ve been sleeping in the old t-shirts you forgot were hidden in the back of my closet and drinking down everything that reminds me of you and my heart is flooding

Mon, March 11, 12:17 am
I’m trying to tell you I miss you

Sun, April 19, 4:26 am
You poured yourself into me and my veins burst but it still hurts less than sleeping without you

Tues, June 19, 6:17 pm
I bought cherry Chapstick so that every time I lick my lips I taste the night we spent out by the lake when you tied a cherry stem with your tongue and spit it into the water and I drowned along with it

Tues, June 19, 6:20 pm
I hate cherries

– 6 texts I almost sent you  (via extrasad)

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how to get a thigh gap

  1. put a guys head between your legs

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